Don’t want to continue working with your North Texas real estate agent?

You’re not the only one. It happens.

Some of the top reasons that people fire their real estate agent include…

  • Bad communication
  • Doesn’t advocate for your interests
  • Doesn’t know the market
  • Bad marketing efforts
  • Don’t get along personally
  • Unethical behavior

Whatever the case, the good news is that there are some ways to cut ties and get out of your contract with a real estate agent. Here are some tactics…

Just Ask — One way to get out of a contract with a real estate agent is to simply ask them to let you go. Most agents don’t want to force a business relationship that is not working.

Call The Brokerage — If the agent is unwilling to let you out of the contract, the next step is to call the brokerage and ask to speak with the managing broker. Explain the situation and see if the firm is willing to cancel or terminate the contract.

Use The Dispute Resolution Process — Another option is to use the dispute resolution process that’s typically included in real estate contracts. This process can vary, but it typically involves going through mediation or arbitration in an attempt to resolve the issue.

Talk To A Lawyer — Finally, if you’re still unable to get out of the contract, it may be necessary to consult with a lawyer to see if there are any legal options available.

Wait It Out — Another option is to wait it out. Most listing agreements have an “out” clause or end date that allows either party to cancel the contract after a certain period of time.

Whatever you do, make sure to read the listing agreement carefully before signing anything. This will make sure you understand the seller’s rights and what to expect if you decide to cancel the contract.

And if you want to sell your house the *easy* way, then give us a call at (469) 306-1737 and we’ll make you a fair cash offer!

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