Selling your North Texas house?

Selling your house?

Wondering what to fix before listing the home for sale?

Obviously, not all repairs are as important as others — so it’s important to set priorities and make the most critical repairs first.

If you’re dead-set on selling your home the TRADITIONAL WAY… here are some repairs we recommend starting with…

1st – The most necessary repairs to make before selling a home is fixing anything important that’s broken. This means fixing leaky faucets, patching up holes in the walls, and making sure all of your appliances are in working condition.

2nd – Another key repair to focus on is the exterior of the home. Make sure all windows are clean and in good condition, the gutters are clear, and the lawn is trimmed and neat. Don’t forget to check the roof and siding, too. These small details can make a big impression on potential buyers.

3rd – Finally,  it’s always a good idea to deep clean your home before showing it to buyers. This means scrubbing down the floors, cabinets, and walls; and organizing any cluttered areas – probably some touch-up painting, too.


You could skip all of that hard work and just sell to a professional homebuyer like us over at Bumble Bee Properties — we can buy your home as-is for cash. Just give us a call at (469) 306-1737 and we’ll make you a fair cash offer. We can even close in as little as two weeks!

And we’ll pay all closing costs.

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